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Consider a Water-less manicure

Updated: May 18

Cuticles splitting and over nipping?

Consider a water- less manicure on natural nails using a very fine diamond

bit or a Fine sanding band. By eliminating water from the service, clients

will enjoy longer product wear. This service is usually followed by a Gel Polish.

This service includes...

Step 1.

Gently push cuticle back, releasing the cuticle off the nail plate.

Step 2.

Using the lowest RPM the e-file can work without bogging down and keeping the bit barrel parallel to the nail plate. This will remove dead cuticle in just a few passes.

Step 3.

Using the same barrel and moving in the same direction and RPM, gently push the flat top of the bit into the cuticle to exfoliate dead tissue off the proximal nail fold.

Step 4.

Use the Refine Ball Bit in the REV direction with a light touch. Move the bit right to left on the ledge of the cuticle to thin it out. Pull skin back from the nail with your non e-filing hand to get better access to the cuticle. Use at a range of 6,000-10,000 RPM. You can also remove dry skin around the sides and fingertips now, too. 

Step 5.

Choose the color of Gel Polish of your choice, paint and apply cuticle oil..

Try it out... It's the new manicure...


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